Hello, my name is Martin Schwesinger. I am an astrophysicist living in Freiburg, Germany. Antaresdesigns is a conglomerate of all the creative projects I have authored over the past years. These include set designs for Magic: The Gathering, my own trading card game concept “Conquest of Orion”, my oil paintings, as well as my hero arena map “Darkening of Tirisfal.”

Are you here primarily for MTG Content? You should check out my Overworld set, my latest MTG custom set. It is a naval-themed set with pirates and sea monsters. How is that not awesome?

I am currently working on Conquest of Orion, a space-fantasy trading card game. The game features a combat system that’s a hybrid between Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. You should check it out!

I’m also learning the art of oil painting. I hope to release a lot more space-paintings, portraits, landscape paintings, and fan art pieces in the future. In the Traditional Art gallery, you can find my earlier work.

If you’re a fan of DotA or League of Legends, check out my Warcraft III custom map Darkening of Tirisfal that I created back in 2010.

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