Conquest of Orion

Conquest of Orion is a space-fantasy trading card game combining traditional TCG elements with elements related to round-based strategy games.

Example Cards

Go to the Gallery.


Everything you need to know about the game can be found in this pdf-file, which contains a tutorial, short stories, and all the current cards.

Or, if the file size is too large, check out a cropped file with only the Tutorial or Short stories.


I’m currently working with the talented Santiago Iborra to create new frames and icons for Conquest of Orion. The example cards showcase these new designs, but the pdf-file still uses the old designs.

Other future updates will include

  • New short stories.
  • All Torian and Destroyer keywords.

How can I play this game?

There’s currently no playable version of the game. I want to set up two possible methods in the future:

  • Play online via card game platforms such as Cockatrice.
  • I send physical cards to people interested in playtesting. These people would keep the cards for a certain amount of time before sending it back along with some feedback. Leave me a note if you’re interested.

Use of Art

Conquest of Orion includes artworks that are not my own. I do not claim any copyright of these artworks. The artworks were taken from community sites such as and have all been credited to the original artist. As no financial gain is derived from the use of these artworks, and their state is transformative enough, their display should warrant fair use.

Due to the number of artworks used for the cards shown here, mistakes are bound to happen and some artworks will be credited wrongly. I have no desire to offend or infringe upon the rights of any artist.  In fact, if I’m using your art it’s because I admire your work. If I made a mistake, contact me and I will remove the artwork in question.


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