MtG Single Cards

Here are some Magic: The Gathering cards that I have designed. These cards can be evaluated without the context of the sets they appear in, and might be interesting for Constructed formats, especially Standard and Modern.


Go to the Gallery.


Go to the Gallery.

Use of Art

These Magic: The Gathering cards include artworks that are not my own. I do not claim any copyright of these artworks. The artworks were taken from community sites such as and have all been credited to the original artist. As no financial gain is derived from the use of these artworks, and their state is transformative enough, their display should warrant fair use.

Due to the number of artworks used for the cards shown here, mistakes are bound to happen and some artworks will be credited wrongly. I have no desire to offend or infringe upon the rights of any artist.  In fact, if I’m using your art it’s because I admire your work. If I made a mistake, contact me and I will remove the artwork in question.


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